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IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 5719 3360 0019 1

Beneficiary Name: WORLD CENTER, LDA
BANK ADDRESS: Rua de São Gonçalo 207, 9500-343 Ponta Delgada
Bank / Payment Institution: BPI (Banco Português de Investimentos)

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On your REVOLUT Personal Account , please follow these steps:

1. Go to “Send”
2. select “Bank Accounts”
3. Click on the “Add Recipient” (blue letters)
4. On the top, select “Business”

5. Insert:
___5.1 Country “LITHUANIA”
___5.2 Currency “EURO”
___5.3 IBAN: LT47 3250 0231 6799 8367
___5.4 Company Name: “WORLD CENTER, LDA.”
___5.5 (optional) E-mail: [email protected]

6. Finalize with the blue button on the bottom.
7. After adding our account on your REVOLUT Personal Account you are now able to send money!

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Please, do not use any email adress. Find below the link for payment (commissions will be added):

You will address the payment to WORLD CENTER, LDA

visa PAGINA wordpress INDIV tw – Low cost bank transfers!

This e-mail replaces the bank account details: [email protected]

visa PAGINA wordpress INDIV visa

Only Online! POS not available.
We will send you a personalized link for payment (commissions will be added).